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GROWING UP, DEANNE ALWAYS THOUGHT SHE'D BECOME AN ARTIST. Or a rock star. But her mother swears that the first time her daughter pumped a fist in the air it held a drawing pencil, not a guitar, and that's the way it's been ever since.  

Originally from a small town in Saskatchewan, DeAnne followed her passion for art to the Alberta College of Art & Design, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Design in 2002. After many years learning the ropes in design and communications, DeAnne now rocks out in her own creative studio that specializes in print design, branding, and lettering. In her spare time she draws, paints, prints, sews and sometimes sleeps.


•   Identity & Logo Design
•   Marketing & Collateral Design  
•   Invitations & Announcements
•   Posters & Brochures
•   Packaging  
•   Advertising Design
•   Lettering

DeAnne Bedier Design loves to work on projects with strategic thinking and big ideas. She has an easy going studio atmosphere with a strong passion for great design. She thrives on working with like-minded people who want to strive for greatness in their brand. DBD is capable of taking on projects big and small, customizing each project with an appropriate award-winning team. 

DeAnne is an award-winning designer, an alumni of the Alberta College of Art & Design (with a degree in Visual Communications Design) and has over 15 years experience specializing in design and advertising. 


Pure Beauty Awards, Best Packaging Design, Gold
Ad Rodeo Awards, Packaging, Merit
HOW International Design Awards, Invitations/Announcements, Merit
Best of CAMA Awards, Print Ad – French, Winner
Best of CAMA Awards, Internal Communications, Merit
HOW International Design Awards, Self-Promotion, Merit
Ad Rodeo Awards, Illustration/Campaign, Anvil
Ad Rodeo Awards, Poster Series, Anvil
Ad Rodeo Awards, Poster Series, Merit
Applied Arts, Art Direction
Communication Arts, Art Direction
Ad Rodeo Awards, Best Editorial, Merit
Western Magazine Awards, Best Illustration
Ad Rodeo Awards, Student Competition, Merit


Her new line of letterpress goods aims to be pretty and real at the same time. It is inspired by the people around her, things people say, overhearing conversations and people watching - especially quirky and awkward moments. As a designer, her love for letterpress is a big one and a process she has appreciated for many years. The beauty of the antique machine, the lush cotton paper, the smell of the ink, and the luxurious paper impressions created - yum!

What is letterpress you ask? See below for a bit of the history. Or stop by the studio, she'd love to introduce you to the mighty Bob - her 66 year old press. 

Letterpress is a technique of relief printing. A worker composes and locks movable type into the bed of a press, inks it and presses paper against it to form an impression on the paper. Invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the mid 15th century, this was the normal form of printing, until the 19th century. It remained widely used until the mid 20th century until offset printing was developed. Letterpress printing has seen a huge revival and has become a go-to printing technique for anyone wanting to make an impression. (See what I did there? Pun intended.) What originally began with hand-set type, more artists are now using photopolymer plates in order to be able to print from digitally created designs. 

Letterpress printing is a labour of love. It is a slow process, printing each piece by hand, one at a time. However, the result of a beautiful impression created on a lush cotton paper, is definitely worth it. Order a card and check it out for yourself! Let us know what you think.

“Kindness. It doesn't cost a damn thing. Sprinkle that shit everywhere."  – Dave Brown