HOW international design award

Won a Merit in the HOW International Design Annual 2014 for these letterpress invites.



Throw-back to the summer. Impromptu iPhone photoshoot with miss Adia. Too adorable not to share.


eye candy on isla

some compiled instagrams from our latest trip to isla mujeres. xo

adventures across the pond

A little snippit of our travel journal …

how international design award

I almost forgot to mention our How win – woops. (from back in March)

the making of hits and mrs.

When you are your own client … go big or go home, right? Well, our 8-track wedding invitations were a large feat but, in the end, worth the many hiccups. We found a large box of old 8-tracks at a local vintage shop, a location scouted at ACAD (where we met), our ’79 vespa, ‘scoot’, as the star of the shoot (photo inspired by 1970′s vespa advertising), and spent a whole lot of time label scraping, die-cut folding, package taping, printing, sticking, stuffing and shrink wrapping. Here’s a look at part of the process.

Fact: When a label has been on an 8-track for 35-40 years the last thing it wants to do is come off! FUN! <insert large amount of sarcasm>